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Johnson Metall Group AS

Investment date: January 2007

Country HQ: Norway/Sweden

Industry: Engineering & Industrials

Sales 2018: SEK 437m

Fund: Fund IV

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Torbjörn Nordh, CEO

Stefan Tinnfålt, CFO

Board of Directors

Hans Carlsson

Jens Borge-Andersen

Jon Tenden

Øyvind Aasbø

Trond Bjørnøy (Norvestor)

Johnson Metall Group AS logo

Johnson Metall produces precision bronze glide bearings and other machined bronze products and semi-finished bronze. The company’s products are used in multiple industrial applications including mining, infrastructure, forestry, power and maritime. The company controls the entire process from raw metal to precision machined products at its integrated manufacturing facilities. Johnson Metall is headquartered in Örebro, Sweden, with manufacturing facilities in both Sweden and Finland in addition to sales offices in Norway and Denmark.