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Investment date: May 2015

Country HQ: Sweden

Industry: Engineering & Industrials

Sales 2018: SEK 323,5m

Fund: Fund VI

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Peter Lundström, CFO

Linda Ekman, CFO

Board of Directors

Ingar Jensen

Mario Houde

Hans Carlsson

Per Ola Baalerud (Norvestor)

Permascand  logo

Permascand is a technology and manufacturing company supplying coated titanium electrodes and electrochemical cells used in electrochemical process technology and water treatment systems. Customer applications for Permascand’s proprietary technology include disinfection of ballast tank water in vessels to prevent spreading of alien marine species to protect marine ecosystems worldwide, and conversion of Spondumene concentrates to produce pure Lithium hydroxide for Lithium batteries and related applications. Head office and manufacturing is situated in Ljungaverk, in northern Sweden. More than 90% of the products are exported.